Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's Christmastime!

My rug hooking guild, The Peconic Ruggers, had their Christmas party last night. While we were missing 2 of our most active members due to illness (Barbara and Jenna feel better soon!), we had a really nice evening. We had lots of food -- I made a pumpkin roll cake with cream cheese icing, the remains of which you see here.

You can find the recipe here -- very easy and no fat in the cake! (The icing is a different story, however!).

We had a great Chinese auction, too -- I got rid of lots of gifts that I had never used (I've been cleaning out with fervor to get ready for our renovations). I donated a couple of new patterns, too. I was lucky enough to win a beautiful basket made by Barbara Blossey-Chuvalas(I put almost all my tickets in the bag to give me a better chance of winning), but I re-gifted it immediately to Andrea of its.all.about.the.wool. Andrea wanted that basket so much, I think she had her fingers, legs, arms, and eyes crossed when Judy drew the winning ticket. The look on Andrea's face when I passed it to her was a gift to me! (Of course, I forgot to bring my camera . . . )

I won a vintage framed picture of Little Miss Muffet -- don't know what I'll do with her, but she's cute.
We had a wonderful evening -- I didn't get home til 10:30!

Our guild is 12 years old now. It's had its ups and downs and it can be a lot of work, but its a wonderful thing to be able to get together with people who share your passion. Happy Holidays to my fellow guild members. Thanks for a dozen years of companionship.


Friday, November 28, 2008

17th Annual Country Parlor Holiday Home Sale

Today's the day! If you are out here on Long Island for Thanksgiving weekend, be sure to stop by!

Friday, November 28, 2008 9 AM to 3 PM
Saturday, November 29 9 AM to 3 PM
Sunday, November 30 10 AM to 2 PM

The Grange
Sound Avenue at Church Lane in Riverhead, New York

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Primitive Gathering Update

It's that time of year again.....the start of the holiday season. The website updated on the 15th so check it out. There will be more to come in the following weeks!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hooked in the Mountains XIII

Here are some photos from our trip up to the Shelburne Museum to see the Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild's show.

Hooked in the Mountains XIII: "Expect the Unexpected"
featuring the Hooked Rug Art of Diane Kelly and Rae Harrell.

November 8 – 16, 2008
Round Barn, Shelburne Museum, Shelburne, Vermont.
Exhibit open 10 AM – 5 PM daily.
Opening reception 5 PM Friday evening, November 7.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Wishing you a Happy Holiday!

Sarah & Barb

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Peconic Ruggers Show 08

Barbara, Judy, and Jennifer did a great job with our guild's rug show this year. It was in the Naugles barn at the Hallockville Museum Farm.

They had Viewers Choice Awards with cute ribbons made by Jennifer -- and guess who one 1st place? Jennifer! She got her own ribbon back.

Here are the winning rugs.




And here's a pic with the mermaid raffle rug in it. It was designed by Jennifer and will be raffled off at our Christmas party in December. If you are interested in buying a raffle ticket, email me at: They are $5 per ticket or 6 for $20.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Back from Rhinebeck

It was another glorious, glittering autumn weekend in the Hudson Valley. My car windows were frosted both mornings . . . the perfect temperature for indulging in all things wool.

The crowds at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival were absolutely amazing on Saturday. We had lots of returning customers mixed in with the new and we met some online friends, too. I was pleased to see Naomi of Ravens Gate Primitives again. We first met at the Fairfield rug show back in the spring. My friend Christine Henson, owner of Now and Zen Yarns in Greenport, checked in with her husband Charlie Thorp (Charlie built my studio several years ago.) A whole passel of Peconic Ruggers showed up -- they all rode up on the bus with the local spinners' guild: Ron, Barbara, Judy, Jennifer, Sally, Sue all looked exhausted by the end of the day. As always, Abby Vakay -- who was palling with Tracy Jamar -- had boundless energy. It was great to see them all. And Barb and I really enjoy chatting with Toni from The Fold, who sells Socks That Rock yarn. Her booth always has the longest line of customers . . . One of these days I'm going to visit her in Marengo, Illinois and take her silver Audi TT out for a spin . . .

The biggest thrill of the weekend: I was interviewed about rug hooking live on WKZE, the local radio station. The woman who interviewed me was named Sally, who hooks rugs herself, and the owner and manager of the station is named Barb -- which is kind of funny, since my sister's name is Barb and my family calls me Sally . . . Anyway -- I'm glad I didn't hear myself, because I was awfully nervous.

We were so busy I didn't get around much. I did step outside to watch the sheepdog trials for awhile. The dogs were absolutely amazing. I checked out a few of the other vendors, too, and bought some yarn for more socks. I wanted to buy a "Llamas for Obama" pin, but never got around to it. . . they were selling like hot cakes.

So now it's time to get ready for next year's Festival, to be held on October 17 & 18, 2009. Barb and I already have a theme for our booth and I've started drawing sketches for new rugs . . . Hope to see you there!


(My apologies for posting the same post on both this blog and The Paisley Studio -- I know there will be some crossover, but I am too tired to write two posts! Thanks, Sarah)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

We're heading to Rhinebeck......

The New York State Sheep and Wool Festival is this weekend. We will be vendors there again for the 3rd year.Our booth is A29...same as before.

It is a great weekend for leaf peeping in the Hudson Valley and there is so much to do at the Fairgrounds it will take a full weekend to see it all. We hope you stop by to say Hello.

New York State Sheep and Wool Festival
October 18th and 19th
Dutchess County Fairgrounds
Rhinebeck, New York
Saturday 9-6 Sunday 10-5

There is also an update on the Primitive Gathering October sure to take a peak at all the new creations.

Barb and Sarah

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Newtown Rug Show & Hallockville Fall Festival

There was a stiff wind blowing from the west this morning as Cairo and I walked the beach. Fall is here at last and that means that Barb and I are gearing up for our big show season.

Our first 2 shows are this weekend. The Newtown Rug Show is Saturday, October 4, 2008,9:30 to 3 pm, 3 Trades Lane, Newtown CT 06470, (203) 270-8293. June Myles will be speaking and Trish Becker will be leading a workshop. For more information, go to

Our second show is the Hallockville Fall Festival, Saturday and Sunday, October 4 & 5, 2008, 10 am to 5 pm, 6038 Sound Avenue, Riverhead, NY 11901. As well as craft vendors you;lll find live music, a tractor pull, cows, sheep & chickens, children's activities, and museum tours. For more information, go to

Barb and I hope to see you this weekend!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fall is in the air

and that means it is pumpkin picking time! Here are some pumpkin pops that I've been working on for our upcoming shows.

You can stick them in a potted plant or nestle them in a wreath or wall pocket. Thanks for your interest in my pumpkin pops! The 5 pictured above have been sold.

Oh -- and don;t forget to check out Barb's new creations on The Primitive Gathering, which was just updated. Click here: The Primitive Gathering.

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Primitive Gathering Update....... creations for Fall 2008 can be found on the website.Be sure to have a look!!!

Enjoy your visit!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Waiting for falling leaves................

Here I go again. I said I wouldn't complain about the weather this summer....I guess it was sort of like a New Years resolution. I never kept them when I made them.

It has been so beastly this year.....the humidity really does me in. I have Air Conditioning but it's been on so long I feel like I live in a cave. I want to have the windows open, crisp blue skies and goosebumps from that nip in the air.

I'm tripping over supplies for new Halloween and Fall and I have a September deadline for new Christmas...I'm starting to panic but I work best under pressure. Sarah and I have shows just about every weekend in October and of course, I have an update on The Primitive Gathering the 15th of August.I will debut some of my 2008 designs so stay tuned............and stay cool!!!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Same dye recipe.....different wool.

I dyed the first batch of colors over Dorr, vibrant and new for me.I decided to try the same recipe over a different wool, my new Treasure Chest Gold. The result a much softer, muted shade. I've listed them in our Ebay store today.....something new. I've been a bit distracted with the summer weather but now that the humidity is here combined with high temps, I really don't want to be outside.

I'll be starting to work on inventory for our fall shows......they'll be here before you know it.

Stay cool!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Flag Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Stars and Stripes Forever Lyrics
by John Philip Sousa - 1897

Let martial note in triumph float
And liberty extend its mighty hand
A flag appears 'mid thunderous cheers,
The banner of the Western land.
The emblem of the brave and true
Its folds protect no tyrant crew;
The red and white and starry blue
Is freedom's shield and hope.
Other nations may deem their flags the best
And cheer them with fervid elation
But the flag of the North and South and West
Is the flag of flags, the flag of Freedom's nation.

Hurrah for the flag of the free!
May it wave as our standard forever,
The gem of the land and the sea,
The banner of the right.
Let despots remember the day
When our fathers with mighty endeavor
Proclaimed as they marched to the fray
That by their might and by their right
It waves forever.

Let eagle shriek from lofty peak
The never-ending watchword of our land;
Let summer breeze waft through the trees
The echo of the chorus grand.
Sing out for liberty and light,
Sing out for freedom and the right.
Sing out for Union and its might,
O patriotic sons.
Other nations may deem their flags the best
And cheer them with fervid elation,
But the flag of the North and South and West
Is the flag of flags, the flag of Freedom's nation.

Hurrah for the flag of the free.
May it wave as our standard forever
The gem of the land and the sea,
The banner of the right.
Let despots remember the day
When our fathers with might endeavor
Proclaimed as they marched to the fray,
That by their might and by their right
It waves forever.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Have a Great Memorial Day!!!!

Enjoy the weekend, the parades and tributes and the picnics!!

Barb and Sarah

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Rug to Be Raffled . . .

Our rug hooking group, the Peconic Ruggers, designs, hooks, and raffles off a rug each year. This year's rug features a mermaid, and was designed by one of our members who wishes to remain anonymous.

I've just finished doing my part -- which was difficult, because I find rug warp just too tight a weave to hook through these days. I have a sore wrist to show for my efforts. . . But I'm sure that other members will take their turn at hooking and the rug will be finished well before the raffle date in December.

Raffle tickets will be $5 each or 5 tickets for $20. If you are interested, contact me and I will make arrangements to get some tickets to you.

Monday, May 19, 2008

On The Primitive Gathering

How handsome is this fellow? He is one of Barb's new offerings on The Primitive Gathering this month. She is having her own little sheep and wool festival. Go check it out!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Eclectic Artisans Giveaway Launch on Ebay

I'm participating in a launch with my favorite Ebay forum: The Eclectic Artisans. That's my entry above -- a needle punched Lady Liberty box. The idea of the launch is to offer the person who is the highest bidder and bids with the first 24 hours of the auction a prize. I am offering a box of my antique rug note cards.

There are several great things listed -- just search TheEA on ebay.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Victory Mills

Although Barb and I took a rather circuitous route to the rug show in Victory Mills, we finally made it! We were warmly greeted by Dick Labarge and George Kahnle who remembered us from their Dye and Design class at the Shelburne Museum about 5 years ago!

The show was in the Victory Mills Community Center, a nice, old brick building newly refurbished. One of the show's honorees, Milly Shaw, told us about going to school in the building many years ago. When she graduated from the lower grades to the upper, she moved across the room . . . Here are Dick and Milly chatting.

Here is one of Milly's beautiful rugs.

Dick and George each have a distinctive style. George's patterns have a whimsical flair that is always recognizable, and Dick's colors are like nobody eles's. You can see their influence in their student's rugs as well. Here's a selection for you to drool over. . . .

This is one of George's patterns. I love the way the hooker used the color of patinaed copper for the deer.

Dick told us this rug had been accepted into Rug Hooking Magazine's Celebrations.

This is Dick's Pineapple rug. Barb wanted to take it home with her. . .

This was my favorite rug. . . It is very subdued and exquisitely hooked.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rug Hooking Road Trip

Barb and I are hitting the road again tomorrow. We are heading up to Victory Mills, New York to see a rug show featuring the work of Dick LaBarge and his students. We took a Dye and Design class with Dick and his partner George Kahnle at the Shelburne Museum several years again that was a blast. We actually called it "Fun with Dick and George."

I searched for a picture of Victory Mills and all I came up with was the pic of a knitting machine being installed in the 1930s. Isn't it wild? I could knit socks really fast on that thing . . . We'll take and post pics when we are there.

We're spending the night in Saratoga Springs, just west of Victory Mills. We'll have dinner with my daughter Clara and check out all the great art work she is doing this semester at Skidmore . So stay tuned for some rug show pics. . .

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Pattern for Sale . . . Wool

I listed the pattern for this sweet little mat on ebay last night. Go take a look if you are interested. Our ebay id is hallowedhillprimitives. We are opening an ebay store so our offerings will be available more regularly.

The version of the mat shown in the picture above and in the ebay listing was hooked by our friend Kathy Blake Parker, a talented rug hooker. Thanks, Kathy, for giving my pattern so much color and life!