Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Eclectic Artisans Giveaway Launch on Ebay

I'm participating in a launch with my favorite Ebay forum: The Eclectic Artisans. That's my entry above -- a needle punched Lady Liberty box. The idea of the launch is to offer the person who is the highest bidder and bids with the first 24 hours of the auction a prize. I am offering a box of my antique rug note cards.

There are several great things listed -- just search TheEA on ebay.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Victory Mills

Although Barb and I took a rather circuitous route to the rug show in Victory Mills, we finally made it! We were warmly greeted by Dick Labarge and George Kahnle who remembered us from their Dye and Design class at the Shelburne Museum about 5 years ago!

The show was in the Victory Mills Community Center, a nice, old brick building newly refurbished. One of the show's honorees, Milly Shaw, told us about going to school in the building many years ago. When she graduated from the lower grades to the upper, she moved across the room . . . Here are Dick and Milly chatting.

Here is one of Milly's beautiful rugs.

Dick and George each have a distinctive style. George's patterns have a whimsical flair that is always recognizable, and Dick's colors are like nobody eles's. You can see their influence in their student's rugs as well. Here's a selection for you to drool over. . . .

This is one of George's patterns. I love the way the hooker used the color of patinaed copper for the deer.

Dick told us this rug had been accepted into Rug Hooking Magazine's Celebrations.

This is Dick's Pineapple rug. Barb wanted to take it home with her. . .

This was my favorite rug. . . It is very subdued and exquisitely hooked.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rug Hooking Road Trip

Barb and I are hitting the road again tomorrow. We are heading up to Victory Mills, New York to see a rug show featuring the work of Dick LaBarge and his students. We took a Dye and Design class with Dick and his partner George Kahnle at the Shelburne Museum several years again that was a blast. We actually called it "Fun with Dick and George."

I searched for a picture of Victory Mills and all I came up with was the pic of a knitting machine being installed in the 1930s. Isn't it wild? I could knit socks really fast on that thing . . . We'll take and post pics when we are there.

We're spending the night in Saratoga Springs, just west of Victory Mills. We'll have dinner with my daughter Clara and check out all the great art work she is doing this semester at Skidmore . So stay tuned for some rug show pics. . .

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Pattern for Sale . . . Wool

I listed the pattern for this sweet little mat on ebay last night. Go take a look if you are interested. Our ebay id is hallowedhillprimitives. We are opening an ebay store so our offerings will be available more regularly.

The version of the mat shown in the picture above and in the ebay listing was hooked by our friend Kathy Blake Parker, a talented rug hooker. Thanks, Kathy, for giving my pattern so much color and life!


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Visit Primitivebetty's for a Giveaway!

Our friend Betty out on the prairie in Kansas is having another give away. This is her year of giving, and , so far, she is excelling at it! visit her blog to see waht she is giving away now.