Saturday, August 16, 2008

Primitive Gathering Update....... creations for Fall 2008 can be found on the website.Be sure to have a look!!!

Enjoy your visit!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Waiting for falling leaves................

Here I go again. I said I wouldn't complain about the weather this summer....I guess it was sort of like a New Years resolution. I never kept them when I made them.

It has been so beastly this year.....the humidity really does me in. I have Air Conditioning but it's been on so long I feel like I live in a cave. I want to have the windows open, crisp blue skies and goosebumps from that nip in the air.

I'm tripping over supplies for new Halloween and Fall and I have a September deadline for new Christmas...I'm starting to panic but I work best under pressure. Sarah and I have shows just about every weekend in October and of course, I have an update on The Primitive Gathering the 15th of August.I will debut some of my 2008 designs so stay tuned............and stay cool!!!