Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Middle Name Game Continued . . .

Can I just copy Barb's in a different order? My middle name is Jane, so that would work! Also, I introduced Barb to Java chip, so I should lay claim to that! I am not good at this stuff . . . but here goes.

J for Jack Russell lover -- I've had 3: Milo, Ruby and Cairo

A for Arty -- I love to mke and create all sorts of stuff, especialy hooked rugs

N for Needle puncher

E for Easy Going, at least most of the time

Here's who we tag:

Lana from Honeysuckle Lane, Annie from Chickadee Primitives, Jackie fro TFC Folk Art, and Whendi from Whendi's Bears.

Sarah Jane
who doesn't use her middle much at all . . .

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