Saturday, December 29, 2007

I'm just finishing my baking.......... with everything else this year, I'm behind schedule by about a week. I'm finishing my baking today so I can get it packed up and shipped. This little cookie is my favorite........Scandinavian Pepparkakor. While I was rolling them this morning I remembered the year my cats got into a bit of trouble. Molly and Willy were only about 5 months old, I was making triple batches back then to give to my staff and coworkers. I make my cookies miniature, this guy is 2 inches tall. I used to make hearts and stars also and I frosted them the traditional way with an icing that was made with gelatin. It was almost like working with marshmallow except it got stickier as it dried and when it is completely dried it is hard.

........Well, I was using the dining room table to dry them.......hundreds on racks. Molly was chasing Willy (the little black one) all over the house and all of the sudden I heard this clacking noise.......oh, dear..........there was Willy covered in sticky cookies starting at her front paws with a few hanging from her tail. When I finally caught her, she was terrified, I tried to pull them off and of course it was like they were crazy glued to her little body. Needless to say..........she had a bath. She was never quite the same after that night. She's gone now but this picture from that Christmas is in my kitchen.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.........and I wish you a peaceful New Year.


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas One and All!

We've been so busy getting ready for the holidays, we've been neglecting our blog. So, we'll wish you all happy holidays and make a resolution to be more chatty in the new year -- which is not so far away . . .

That's Sarah's Christmas tree pictured above -- the tree that undecorates itself. For every ten ornaments I put on, one falls off. It is a fraser fir and the branches are a little on the limp side. Next year, I'll get one that is sturdier.

Here's a close up of some ornies. That sweet charm of my dog Cairo was made by the very talented Lana Manis of Honeysuckle Lane (if you don't know her work, visit her at and The angel behind and to the right of the charm was made by Rachael Kinnison of the Lady's Repository Museum ( and Diamond K Folk Art (, who also makes the most amazing reproduction dolls I have ever seen.

I have some other fabulous hand-made ornies that I'll try to take pics of and post soon. In the meantime, drink a lot of eggnog and eat a lot of cookies! Life is short. Indulge a little.

Best wishes,

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Barb's Been at It Again!

Here is her newest creation featured on The Primitive Gathering, which was just updated.( )

How fun is he? I think he is charming with his sweetly cocked head and all his vintage trims. Barb's got other treasures listed, as well -- some wee winter wabbits (see previous post), some snowmen and other charmers, too. Go take a look and do some Christmas shopping -- after all, it is December 1 -- only 24 shopping days left!

Stay warm!