Monday, November 19, 2007

Country Parlor Holiday Sale

The fabulous Country Parlor Holiday sale is coming up this weekend -- as always -- the three days following Thanksgiving. So get yourself over to the Grange at the intersection of Sound Avenue and Church Lane in Riverhead! Doors open at 9 am on Friday! It is the best holiday sale on Long Island and is more than worth the trip!

Barbara transforms the grange into a magical wonderland of handmade treasures -- dolls, ornaments, baskets, rugs, embroidery, weaving, jewelry -- I can't remember everything! It is fabulous, and you should come if you can! Barb and I will have our stuff there once again this year, as will more than 30 other artisans.

If we don't see you again before Thursday, have a great Thanksgiving!


1 comment:

Lana said...

I'd love to come! But since I can't, you will share photos won't you???