Monday, June 4, 2007


June is the best month in my garden -- there are lots of showy flowers and not too many weeds. (August is another story . . . ugh!) Here are some pics I took of my peonies. They are my favorite flower -- fancy and so sweet smelling.

Sadly, we're having heavy rain here today on the Atlantic coast, and the peonies are taking a beating. I'm hoping to get another bouquet or two before they're gone for the year.

I love flowers -- I especially love to have them in the house. The problem is, I am a reluctant gardener at best. I want the results without the work! I hate getting dirty and sweaty -- and boy, do I get dirty and sweaty! I don't know how some people can spend hours in the yard and look like they've just stepped out of the shower. My dream is to be a checkbook gardener -- have someone else do the work and I just sign the check! But I don't think that will happen anytime soon . . .



~Tonya said...

LOL Sarah! Checkbook gardner. I too hate pulling weeds and such...

but they will take over if we do not pull them. I too love Peonies. I have several of them.

~Tonya (wish I could see your pics)

Lana said...

can't see your pics here Sarah, but I did see them a few days ago when you shared them. They are beautiful!


Hallowed Hill Primitives said...

I accidently deleted the pics and can't figure out how to put them back! I will figure this out!