Monday, June 11, 2007


I started selling my rug designs a couple of years ago. It is always so satisfying when someone makes a purchase -- and it is really fun to see your design hooked by someone else. Barb has a friend -- well, I guess she's my friend now, too! -- named Kathy Blake Parker who hooks like a speed demon. She recently agreed to help me by hooking up some of my new patterns so I can use them as displays at shows. I give her the pattern, she hooks it anyway she wants, and then I get to borrow it back. It is really nice for me, because I can't possibly hook them all up myself.

So here is our first collaboration. I think she did an absolutely fabulous job on it. I love the dark sheep and the contrast of the dark background and the light foreground. And the word "wool" really sparkles.

And here is my version.

Kathy's rug makes a much more dramatic impact!

Now I'm off to pull weeds! Enjoy the day.



Suzanne said...

Sarah, both rugs are wonderful! So nice that you have Kathy to hook your designs though. I'm a very s-l-o-w hooker,lol. I have a rug that I started about a 1 1/2 yrs. ago for my in-laws 50th wedding anniv!...and it's still not done! Maybe I'll have it finished for their 60th!!

Lorraine said...

Sarah-I love your rug!!! It looks fabulous!!:)

Hallowed Hill Primitives said...

Thanks, girls. Suzanne -- I have a rug that I started 16 years ago! Don't know if I'll ever finish that one.


Sylvia Anderson said...

I love your rug, It's beautiful, and the colors are fabulous! I admire those that can "hook" such beauiful rugs. :)

Kathy Blake-Parker said...

I may be a speed demon hooking...but not a speed demon with housework. Oh must make some important choices :-) Keep up the good work Barb and Sarah...I love BOTH of your work! Kathy